Umweltpädagogik, Umweltpädagogik Karlsruhe, Umwelt Erlebnispädagogik
Umweltpädagogik, Umweltpädagogik Karlsruhe, Umwelt Erlebnispädagogik

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Faszination erLeben cares...

Even on holiday we always go unusual ways - in 2020 it will be a father-son bike tour of several days by our managing director Axel Hudak and his four-year-old son Boas.
The idea: while Axel is on the road with his e-bike and trailer, Boas cycles a few kilometres every day on his 12" children's bike using only muscle power. And now it´s your turn:
For every kilometre ridden by Boas, donate a self-chosen amount for the two projects Faszination erLeben would like to support with this campaign!
Where the journey will take us, how it will all be organised and how you can do your part - you can find out all this on this page.

The route

The tour starts in Karlsruhe at the famous pyramid. From there it goes in six stages down the Rhine on the famous Rhine cycle path via the cathedral city of Speyer, the Nibelungen city of Worms, via Mainz and Bingen including the Binger Loch, via Bacharach and the Loreley rock (yes, we plan to ride up the rock - with Boas in the trailer, of course) to... the German corner in Koblenz. There, at the confluence of the Rhine and Moselle rivers, the 2020 tour ends after about 280km.

Update 25.08.2020:
Due to the current weather data we are currently planning the tour from Monday, 08/31 to Sunday, 09/06/2020.
We`ll keep you up to date!

The projects

The British organisation Action for Education (AFE) has a number of projects underway, all of which have one thing in common: helping people in dire need and poverty.
With 50 percent of your donation we will specifically support the project on the Greek Mediterranean island of Chios. Thanks to personal contacts with the local leader, we know the needs of the more than three thousand refugees in the local camps, who are provided with education first and foremost by AFE. However, a hot meal or a hot shower - things that we all take for granted - are also made possible for the children and young people on the spot by the many volunteers, thanks also to your donation.

The Tabasamu association, based in Stuttgart, Germany, has for many years set itself the goal of supporting the people of Kigamboni in Tanzania. In concrete terms, the aim is to improve the quality of life through empowerment:
- Access to education by financing school fees and school materials

- Promotion of young girls and women in the WEEDO project
- Promotion and financing of business ideas to strengthen personal responsibility, e.g. chicken projects,
   strategy and marketing consulting for start-ups
- Emergency assistance
Here, too, we know the project manager on site personally and every donated euro reaches the people on site directly and without deduction. With 50 percent of your donated money we would like to support this great work.

Who cycles for your donation?

Boas is four years old and has been an avid cyclist since March 2020. Not a day goes by when he doesn't make his rounds around the houses - regardless of the weather. Even on family bike tours, he always rides in front despite his age and manages - depending on the weather and mood - to cover his eight to twelve kilometres on average - so please bear this in mind when calculating your donation!
Of course, he will only ride as long as he wants to and for as long as it is good for him - his child's welfare is of course the first priority, despite all his enthusiasm for the cause itself!
A trailer is attached to daddy's bike, which he can and may change to at any time. But, although he is still so young, he has already understood that it depends on the kilometres he rides how much money he earns and he is therefore highly motivated and is looking forward to the trip with dad and to "helping those children who are not as well off as I am" (quote from Boas!)

What is the donation process?

The procedure is based on the principle of trust (i.e. we report daily on the kilometres driven and you trust us that the information is correct) and is basically very simple:

- You decide to donate and set a sum per kilometre cycled by Boas himself. As an example, let's say you 
   give us 0,10€ per kilometre (it can of course be more...!)
- You let us know your willingness to donate by filling out the online donation form below and sending it
  to us.

- We will let you know how many kilometres he has covered and the amount you would like to transfer.
   To stay with the example: Boas cycled, let's say, 80 km; you had promised us 0,10€ per kilometre - so at
   least that's 8€ which you will have to transfer. 4€ of this amount will go to the two projects without any
- So you are astonished about the sum, you are happy that you can help and you transfer the
   corresponding amount to us

Please understand that we cannot issue any donation receipts. In return, however, we promise that we will not request a donation receipt from either of the two projects.
Of course, all donations will go to the two projects in full - the costs of the bike tour for accommodation, food and return transfer by train will of course be borne by us!

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Where can I follow the journey?

We will be reporting regularly on our Facebook-Site - about the preparations, about our experiences on the trip itself, but of course hopefully also about the great amount of money that will be made thanks to you?
So feel free to drop by from time to time or subscribe directly to our notifications.

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